The Area

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Rodekro Fisepark is located in an area of 60 hectares. The park consists of 6 lakes. 4 of the lakes are for put and take angling, and 1 of the lakes are rented to larger groups. The lakes have a depth of up to 14 metres. There are various fish species in the lakes: Rainbow trout, brown trout, pikeperch, pike, and eel, among other fish species. The park also offers a barbecue area, reception and cafe, fishing gear and tackle shop, fish cleaning area, facility building, and campsite. View the various facilities and more in the right-hand menu.

In the 1970's, the area was a gravel pit from which the lakes in Rodekro Fiskepark have developed. The park is surrounded by smaller woodland areas, which consists of a variety of broad-leaved trees, as well as pine, spruce, birch trees, and various fruit trees such as cherry plum (myrobalan), apple, and cherry trees.

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Lake overview

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  • Lake no. 1: Depth of 8-14 metres
  • Lake no. 2: Depth of 5-8 metres
  • Lake no. 3: Depth of 10 metres
  • Lake no. 4: Depth of 8 metres
  • Lake no. 5: Depth of 6-9 metres
  • Lake no. 6: Depth of 4 metres