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Our Story

Rodekro Fiskepark was established in 1986 by the owners Kurt Lassen and Anette Lassen.
The park is located in Southern Denmark, and is for those who want to explore 'put and take' angling, the calm Danish nature, and camping atmosphere. The large area has gradually been developed and improved over the years. See the process of development below.

Lakes and Nature

In 1986, it all began with just one lake. Today the park contains 6 freshwater lakes, where 4 are used for 'put and take' angling. All lakes are located in pleasant surroundings of nature, and holds several different fish species. The park is surrounded by smaller woodland areas. Read more.

Rooms and Campsite

In 1993, a reconstruction of an old building was initiated. It permits 6 joint rooms with shared kitchen, shower, and living room. The campsite is situated nearby, and consists of 80 sites with power supply for 72 sites. Read more.

Facilities and Rental Service

In 1999, a large facility building was constructed. It is located nearby all accommodation opportunities. Visitors have access to kitchen, shower, and washing facilities. Bed linen can be rented at arrival, if visitors prefer not to bring along their own. Read more.

Reception and Cafe

In 2000, a house was constructed to host both as reception and cafe. This is the place where our guests can check in and out, buy their angling tickets, grab a cup of coffe, and get food and snacks. Read more.

House and Cottages

In 2000, 5 cottages were build. A cottage allows 5 guests divided into a double bedroom and a three-person bedroom. Another possibility is a house of 150 square metres with room for 8 guests. Shower and kitchen facilities are available in the house as well as in the cottages. Read more.

Fishing Gear and Tackle

In 2001, a house for fishing gear was build. Visitors are welcome to take a look at the assortment of rods, bait, and tackle. Also, rods can be rented here, and caught fish can be stored in a freezer. Read more.

The people behind

The journey from roots to leaves has been an experience for the family in Rodekro Fiskepark.
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Kurt Lassen

Owner and founder Kurt Lassen, born in 1962, is very dedicated to his work. Regardless the weather and time of the day he is working on various projects to maintain the park area. From time to time, he takes time to get to know his customers - maybe over a nice barbecue at closing-time.

Anette Lassen

Co-owner and founder Anette Lassen, born in 1966, is very efficiently making sure that cleaning of the various spaces in the accommodation areas is well done. She kindly ensures that visitors are enjoying their stay, and is happy to assist if anything is needed. She enjoys a cup of coffee and a talk.


Rodekro Fiskepark is very grateful to the people who are giving a hand with the hard work of maintaking the 60 hectare great area. The assistance of both employees and volunteers makes a great contribution for many people to enjoy the area.


We are not actively seeking more employees. However, you are most welcome to send us your unsolicited application.