Catch a fish in calm surroundings.

Rodekro Fiskepark is blessed with an area of natural beauty located in the countryside where you can spend hours in the happy company of your fishing rod. Along the lakes of the park, there are excellent spots for 'put and take' angling where you can catch various fish, such as rainbow trout, pikeperch, pike, eel, carp, and many other fish species.

Anglers can move around between the lakes in the park. Lake no. 1, 2, and 3 are open to all anglers. Purchase a ticket, and enjoy your stay. We kindly ask anglers to respect the common angling rules, and not to put fish waste into the water, but to use the bin situated at the cleaning area to ensure the maintenance of the park.

What is 'put & take'?

Put and take relates to a system whereby waters are stocked with fish for anglers to catch. There are many put and take lakes in Denmark. Usually, you pay by the hour or day, and the lakes are stocked with fish intended to be caught and taken home.