Angling Rules

Find the general angling rules here.

It is important to us that all visitors get a good and comfortable experience during their holiday. Therefore, we kindly ask you to respect the following angling rules:

  • Access to the lakes requires a valid angling license bought at arrival
  • The redeemed angling license applies only to 1 rod (or to the number of rods paid)
  • The redeemed angling license applies only to the amount of time paid 
  • Only one hook may be used per rod - i.e. rig for flatfish, herring, and mackerel, and the like are forbidden
  • The fish must be caught properly, i.e. the hook must be in front of the gills
  • Net may only be used when pulling the fish ashore
  • Any form of groundbait is prohibited (i.e. fishing bait that is cast into the water in order to attract fish to the fishing area)
  • Cleaning of fish must take place at the cleaning area, and fish waste must be put into the bin at the cleaning area
  • Benches and tables are for sitting only, not for the caught fish. Please, help us maintain our outdoor furniture
  • Please, take care of fellow anglers - do not throw across the lakes or over others' fishing line purposely
  • We kindly ask everyone to clean up after themselves, and bins are situated around all lakes for this purpose
  • Please respect nature and wildlife, and do not throw hooks and lines, etc. on the ground
  • We kindly ask smokers to put cigarette stubs in the bin